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Demystifying digital patient financial engagement: 4 ways AI can help

When designed effectively, digital payment and financial communications can have a substantial impact on a hospital or health system’s bottom line. But patients still commonly receive their bills by mail. Healthcare’s digital front door pushed wide open during the pandemic, offering access with the touch of a smartphone or digital

How automation helps invoice finance lenders spot and stop fraud faster

At the start of a new year, we often see an increase in invoice finance fraud – when clients seek to borrow money by supplying lenders with inaccurate information. (Not to be confused with invoice fraud which sees fraudsters send false, real-looking invoices to extract payment from companies.) The mechanics

Digital Patient Engagement: Helping Uninsured Americans Gain Access to Care

Identifying the right payer before a healthcare service is provided and billing on time, reduces costs, prevents bad debt and maximizes reimbursements and revenue. Recent data from the CMS indicates that Medicaid enrollment grew by nearly 10 million between February 2020 and January 2021. The jump was precipitated by a

Getting Ready for a Historic Medicaid Redetermination Cycle

Across the country, health plans, healthcare providers and state Medicaid authorities face a massive surge of uninsured members and uncompensated care when the federal public health emergency (PHE) ends and nearly 80 million Medicaid recipients face redetermination of their eligibility status.  A recent study by Georgetown University’s Urban Institute projects more than 15 million individuals will

Reflections on hybrid working – how leaders and teams can find balance

Office-life is slowly returning. In the UK, 44% of employees report coming into the office at least some of the time. Yet, by the end of the year, this figure is expected to only reach 56%. Also, research by McKinsey finds that over half of workers want a hybrid working model post-pandemic with 30% saying they

Health insurers look to flip the script on consumer experience

Motivated by the threat of big tech, payers are finally starting to catch up with other industries and make innovative use of technology to give consumers the kind of experience they expect. For decades, U.S. consumers have experienced interactions with their health insurance providers that feel confusing, bureaucratic, and indifferent.

The barriers to getting women into tech and how to break them

Growing female representation in technology has been on the agenda for the last decade. Yet since 2020, the percentage of women in UK tech stands at just 17%. Despite the industry focussing on Women’s Equality Day to raise awareness and media celebrating successful women in tech – such as Whitney Wolfe, founder and CEO

Considerations for a permanent hybrid working model

Over the last 18 months, remote working models were rapidly rolled out with varying degrees of success. Now as offices can reopen in the UK many businesses find themselves in the middle of a debate: should they continue to support remote working or revert to office work? Instead of all