Digital First, Digital Now

Our ‘Digital First, Digital Now’ approach optimizes business strategies by leveraging diverse technologies including automation, IoT, AI/ML, and cloud-based services. Underpinned by our people and technology transformation framework, it provides new-age solutions and delivery models. This drives an organization-wide digital ecosystem to enable personalized customer experiences, innovative business models, better business outcomes, and workforce empowerment.

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Annual Report

FY 2019

₹ 40,986 millon

Revenue for the year ended March 2020, Y-O-Y growth of 7.1%

₹ 4,437 millon

EBIT for the year ended March 2020, 10.8% of Revenues

₹ 3,397 millon

Net Profit for the year ended March 2020, 8.3% of Revenues

FY 2020 - 2021


₹ 50,780 Million

Y-O-Y growth of 23.9%

Operating Margin (EBIT)

₹ 5,979 Million

11.8% of Revenues

Net Profit

₹ 3,617 Million

7.1% of Revenues