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10 honest quotes on business transformation

Everyone is talking about business transformation success and benefits. But what you really want are the honest opinions on what can go wrong!

One Head of Strategic Finance told us this about transformation projects: “Something I learned is, let’s get the timelines, bump them up five times, and maybe we are approximating reality”.

Our SlideShare – No business case is ever right: 10 honest quotes on business transformation – captures frank, little nuggets of wisdom from transformation leaders who’ve been there done that!

What’s better than honest quotes on business transformation?

Informative research with actionable insights!

We surveyed 120 executives who’ve actually led large-scale change initiatives to find out  – when it comes to leading change, what’s the elephant in the room? Turns out there are five.

Check out our hub on 5 Elephants of Business Transformation to get into the challenges leaders face when driving change and frank advice on how to deal with each of them.


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