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Collections of the future – A study by Everest Group

Unlock value with technology shifts in digital collections Debt collection goes as far back in time as the history of debt. The earliest records of regulations around commercial debt collection come from ancient Babylon – a society that protected debtors’ rights but also allowed creditors to recover delinquent accounts. Over

How to Succeed at Fintech? Disrupt your own business

With fintech sweeping across financial services and disrupting long-standing business models, one ponders: what makes for successful fintech? Success stories in fintech are rooted in transformative business models. Technology is the enabler, not the inspiration. This article explores the logic behind a business model approach to fintech and uses debt

Digitally Empowered Contact Center

The world of Customer Experience (CX) is experiencing an onslaught of tech solutions. While there is much hype around driving automation and digital deflection, the fact remains – contact center operations need the right balance of humans and technology to drive superior customer and business outcomes. Firstsource’s Digitally Empowered Contact

The impact of patient financial experience on hospital profitability

As rising deductibles and co-pays turn patients into payers, financial interactions must be part of the patient experience equation. The financial aspect of care should not be put aside, as it is an essential component of a positive patient experience. Navigating the healthcare financial maze can create unnecessary confusion and

Three pillars of successful debt collection

Traditional debt collection practices do not provide as much insight and use manual processes that are prone to create risk and result in errors. This results in substandard collection yields and higher costs. In addition, the regulatory environment is complex and ever-changing; new rules from The Bureau of Consumer Financial

Solving the CX challenge in travel and hospitality

As tourism and international travel restart the spike in demand will present a challenge for airlines, hotels, operators and booking providers. These companies will want to provide superior CX which they can scale quickly and deliver within narrow budgets. The good news is – there are ways to delight customers

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