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Separating Core vs. Surround – Part 2
The Way Forward for EdTech

Over the last few decades, business leaders across industries have been following a process-centric approach while developing the best operating model for their organizations.  In the new context, leading organizations are moving to a capability-centric approach – where they would like to focus all their energies on the core capabilities

Separating Core vs. Surround – Part 1
Factors for Success in EdTech

The EdTech industry is still in its developmental phase with significant growth potential over the next five years in a post-pandemic economy. One of the key imperatives for student lifecycle management is to isolate the capabilities that are core to their businesses from the execution oriented surrounding activities that are

Invoice finance automation for a better lending lifecycle

Invoice finance lifecycle is intensely complex. Without invoice finance automation this complexity puts a stranglehold on profitability. All too often, invoice finance providers rely heavily on manual processes to try and improve client experience. As transactions and client numbers grow, associated risks and costs become harder to contain. The first

The Loud Ping for Debt Collections

CXOs across industries face sharp increases in consumer debt levels and debt recovery challenges that arose from COVID aren’t going away any time soon. Some executives are seeing the path forward. They understand consumers prefer online payment and collections to a phone call, particularly if the digital interaction is personalized

How to Succeed at Fintech? Disrupt your own business

With fintech sweeping across financial services and disrupting long-standing business models, one ponders: what makes for successful fintech? Success stories in fintech are rooted in transformative business models. Technology is the enabler, not the inspiration. This guide explores the logic behind a business model approach to fintech and uses debt

Digitally Empowered Customer Experience

The world of Customer Experience (CX) is experiencing an onslaught of tech solutions. While there is much hype around driving automation and digital deflection, the fact remains – contact center operations need the right balance of humans and technology to drive superior customer and business outcomes. Firstsource’s Digitally Empowered Customer

The impact of patient financial experience on hospital profitability

As rising deductibles and co-pays turn patients into payers, financial interactions must be part of the patient experience equation. The financial aspect of care should not be put aside, as it is an essential component of a positive patient experience. But navigating the healthcare financial maze can create unnecessary confusion

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