Spur growth on both demand and supply side

Deploy digitally enabled approach to customer and merchant acquisition

Simplified and frictionless operations

With online sales continuing to skyrocket in the post-pandemic era, it’s time to reinvent both the demand and supply side of your operations. Using an optimal mix of technology and the human touch, our dedicated model focuses on both aspects, to optimize outcomes while reducing the cost to serve.
A frictionless end-to-end experience for merchants, building a sustainable relationship over the long term.
Customer acquisition and omnichannel engagement to maximize customer lifetime value through our Digitally Empowered Contact Centers.

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Customer Acquisition & Servicing

Power smart customer and associate experiences with Intelligent Automation. On the one hand, deliver personalized omnichannel experiences, backed by customer journey mapping and speech and text analytics. On the other, boost associate productivity with Unified Omnichannel Desktop and Next Best Actions

Merchant Onboarding

Accelerate the growth of your merchant and vendor ecosystem with our end-to-end provisioning, onboarding and management solutions.

Tech Support

Differentiate your business and boost product adoption with best-in-class omnichannel customer engagement driven by premium tech-support.

Social Media, Forum & Community Management

Make online customer communities the cornerstone of your engagement. As your content moderation partner, we’ll help you improve content relevance and engagement.

Billing & Payment Processing

Take the stress out of your system even during peak periods. Our Intelligent Automation, AI and analytics-led solutions help improve service quality and profitability.

Complaints Management

Complaints Management
Statistics show that 79% of consumers are unlikely to engage with a brand again, if their complaint is mishandled. Rapidly resolve customer complaints on a channel of their choice using tech-driven insights.

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Designing an omnichannel strategy to delight today’s multi-channel customers

The future of customer service

Designing an omnichannel strategy to delight today’s multi-channel customers

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