Drive superior experiences with AI-enabled debt collection solution

For fintechs & end-customers alike

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Driving positive customer experience with AI-enabled debt collection strategies

Firstsource’s Digital Debt Collection platform is an AI-powered application underpinned by our ‘Digital First, Digital Now’ approach that leverages diverse technologies. A scalable, agile, and flexible solution, it meets the most stringent compliance standards and provides a secure and effective solution to help fintech companies such as yours to stay ahead of the curve. Leveraging AI and Machine Learning, it enables effective debt collection, maximum ROI, and improved customer satisfaction.

Flexible and customizable digital platform designed as per client requirements. We do not fit you in to our model

Full control of strategies, processes and outcomes

Change Ready – proven capacity to adapt to business dynamics

Transformational Business Intelligence

Lower cost & Flexible Commercial Models

Compliance & Security

Delivering efficacy in a cost-effective way

Digital Debt Collection is a transformative and continual journey to achieve better results and compliance through a tested, stable, and proven environment.

71% Increase in Revenue per Account

79% Reduction in Cost to Collect

Net Yield

Traditional - $69 / Acct

Digital - $139 / Acct

131% improvement

in collections effectiveness

76% of value is from Revenue Lift

25% from cost Savings

Digital Debt Collection benefits both Fintech companies and end-customers

  • Fintechs are empowered with AI-driven insights on customer needs & preferences
  • End-customers enjoy personalized and secure services

Enhance customer experience with omnichannel communication

Unlike traditional collections that involve making intrusive calls to borrowers and creating a negative impact, Firstsource’s Digital Debt Collection platform is an AI-powered application designed exclusively for modern banks and fintech companies to optimize collection efforts while enhancing customer experience.

Our Digitally-Empowered Contact Centre (DECC) helps future-proof your CX capabilities, so you can deliver the moments that matter to your customers – not only now but also in the future.

The platform leverages Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to understand customer behavior and devise the best course of action. This approach allows you to reach your customers and engage with them at the right time, using the best possible channel, and improve long-term engagement.

Digital Collections benefits both Fintech companies and end-customers

End-customers enjoy personalized, and secure services


Enabling customers with self-serve options to save time and boost CX

Digital Associates

Enabling personalized, empathetic, and tacit verbiage & vertical scaling of digital associates

Security & controls

Secure and robust systems to protect customer privacy and ensure compliance

Explore how our Digital Debt Collection solution can help significantly improve your recovery rates while enhancing customer experience

FinTechs are empowered with AI-driven communication strategies

Open & Click Rates

High open and click rates of emails seeking loan payments


Ability to handle large volumes of communications running into millions

Payer fulfilment

Digital Collections ensures better collections instead of settlement


Low drop-off rates of customers pulling out in the last moment

Digital Associates

Enabling personalized, empathetic and tacit verbiage & scaling up or down of digital associates

Security & controls

Secure and robust systems to protect customer privacy and ensure compliance

Better customer contact mechanisms

Scalability to all customer contact components like emails/website to. meet your needs

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