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Using robotic process automation to validate the address on USPS website and update it in the Loan Origination System(LOS)

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Reduction in errors and time taken to do manual validation between document and USPS website

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    Problem Statement

    The operations team processes deed/mortgage document information through Loan Origination System to generate the title reports. This process required manual verification of the addresses associated with the order ID. The associate is required to manually validate the given address in the document against USPS website to ensure it is valid. This consumes a significant time leading to delayed turnarounds, errors in verification of the address.


    The team developed an automated solution to validate the given address in the USPS website and process the order in Loan Origination System(LOS) seamlessly. This eliminates the possibility of errors and reduces the navigating time between LOS & USPS website for verification.

    Tech Specs

    Address Validation CoBot is an unattended digital employee that uses robotic process automation to validate the address on USPS website and update the correct address on the LOS or Title System.


    • Validate the given address on the USPS website to ensure accuracy.
    • Address Validation CoBot is an attended digital employee powered by WinAutomation RPA and can be easily integrated with any system/solution to address specific validation requirements

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