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Why Firstsource

There are several reasons to choose Firstsource for a long, rewarding and fulfilling career: 

Firstsource Solutions Ltd
Our focus on people creates a performance oriented culture based on mutual respect and support
Firstsource Solutions Ltd
A professional environment where your contributions are acknowledged and valued
Firstsource Solutions Ltd
Enhanced training and skills that ensure a thriving career
Firstsource Solutions Ltd
We provide critical exposure to global best practices
Firstsource Solutions Ltd
We provide opportunities for innovation and avenues to communicate fresh ideas
Firstsource Solutions Ltd
We value meritocracy where all employees are equal
Firstsource Solutions Ltd
We work in teams that blur functional, organizational and geographic boundaries
Firstsource Solutions Ltd
Our emphasis on teamwork creates collaboration, collective responsibility and growth
Firstsource Solutions Ltd
We are focused on innovation to constantly better our services, products and processes
Firstsource Solutions Ltd
We consistently strive to set the highest standards of excellence in all things we do
Firstsource Solutions Ltd
Our management is transparent in their communications with the employees
Firstsource Solutions Ltd
We follow our core principles of honesty, professionalism, precision and consistency

Great expectations from a great workplace

Firstsource is a people-centric company and a great place to work, built around a core of professionalism, meritocracy and innovation. At Firstsource, we have a professional, high performing and vibrant work force. Our values are integral to our success, and they are what differentiate us from the rest.

You will experience a high-performance culture based on a competency framework known as the Firstsource Spirit. The Firstsource Spirit defines the qualities we expect all our employees to embrace. It eventually helps them to grow and become a Firstsource leader in the future.
At Firstsource, rewards and recognition are not just a set of HR-mandated policies. They are thriving communication tools that distinguish high performers. They create a performance-driven culture and a standard of excellence.

The environment at Firstsource is open and honest – one that spots and encourages talent. We constantly scout for talented and motivated individuals across levels and operational expertise. We help our employees mature into confident, capable, caring professionals – going all out to invest in their training and development.

On the fast growth track

With more than a decade in the BPO industry, Firstsource has shown consistent year-on-year growth. We have weathered market vagaries and economic downturns and come out of these even stronger – thanks to our sound management and clear objectives.

Along with our growth, our people have also grown. We promote and develop from within; our internal mobility program, “Wings Within,” is a great example. Through such programs, we encourage our employees to flexibly develop their own careers in the organization. Career planning, Career counseling, Talent management and Succession planning are the pillars of People Practices at Firstsource.

As an Organization, we encourage continuous learning – and we enable it through dedicated teams such as Leadership and Management Development and the Service Excellence teams.  These provide quality training programs for our employees.

Our people-sensitive HR policies have been instrumental in the company’s relatively low employee attrition, even in the most turbulent economic conditions. We actively encourage employee promotions from within and routinely reward our employees. We recognize them for their ideas, their diligence and their commitment.

Career path at Firstsource

Firstsource has opportunities in several different functional disciplines such as Quality, Training, Technology, Human resources, Marketing and others because our services range across many different customer business areas. Our associates have ample opportunities in moving across disciplines rounding out their experiences while realizing their managerial aspirations of broader organizational responsibilities. There are numerous opportunities to grow at Firstsource; our associates make the calls on how they like their careers to grow.

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Whitepaper Awards
  Investors In People Silver Accreditation
Firstsource has been accredited with Investors In People (IIP) Silver standard for its UK operations
  UTV Business Eye Award
Awarded Employer of the Year
  Business in the Community Awards
Awarded Employer of Choice at the annual Business in the Community Northern Ireland (BITCNI) Awards in Belfast