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“Firstsource has been integral to our success. Their experience of running online contact centres and their willingness to adopt a new and very different way of working for giffgaff meant that we had brilliant service wrap from day one. And their commitment to keep on innovating means we are well placed to continue to improve our member service experience going forward.”

Mike Fairman

CEO, giffgaff

Providing great customer experience

As digital continues to transform the broadcasting and pay TV industry, we help clients provide effective technical support and exceptional customer experiences and at the same time,  drive efficiency and market penetration to maximise revenues.

Delivering results for ISPs

With our global broadband operational delivery expertise, we help clients navigate the industry’s increasingly competitive environment and provide a range of contact centre and back-office processing services across the customer lifecycle to help clients stay ahead of the competition.

Helping mobile operators grow

Mobile operators today have huge opportunities for growth, but this is hindered by reducing customer retention rates and demand for instant service. We help turn these challenges into opportunities by consolidating processes and managing the customer lifecycle effectively, using channels that customers want,  when they want.  With more than 10,000 of our people serving the mobile sector each day, we help our clients address the industry’s unique challenges.

Increasing customer acquisition and retention

Firstsource works with land/fixed line providers to help them attract new customers and retain existing ones, while keeping pace with new technology platforms.

We offer a range of services for global telecommunications companies in both the B2B and B2C sectors, with a track record of increasing ARPU through cross-selling and up-selling – all the while ensuring consistent customer experiences across multiple channels.


Leading UK Media & Entertainment Brand
Leading US Telecom Provider

10+ year strategic partnership achieves operational excellence for UK Media & Entertainment Brand

Firstsource has built a strategic partnership with a leading Pay TV provider in the UK with services across Pay TV, Internet TV, broadband and fixed line telephony. Firstsource currently handles the complete customer lifecycle management for all the existing lines of business. As part of the long-term engagement, Firstsource had carried out offshore migration of Back Office, Email, Technical Support, Customer Service, and Route-to-Market Operations. It has helped the client to achieve operational excellence and flexibility.
An e-service strategy involving channel deflection of on-shore voice to off-shore chat (Sales, Service and Retention) was also implemented at the behest of the client.

The 10+ years strategic partnership brought about improved customer experience due to its large offshore and onshore presence. Additionally, the client has benefited from reduced cost to serve and cost of acquisition resulting in substantial savings.

$1.75 million p.a. savings generated due to reduced cost-to-serve for leading US Telecom Provider

A leading telecom operator in the US needed to off-shore its back-office functions to increase focus on its core operations. In addition, the organisation sought to improve its cost efficiency and leverage labor arbitrage through strategic business intervention. Firstsource leveraged its global expertise to manage back-office operations that allowed employees to focus on their core competencies.
Firstsource created standard operating procedures for over 400 work types across functions, such as email CS, executive resolution group, billing and credit issues. Firstsource also created business continuity strategy and built domain expertise in the back-office environment for the organisation.

Standardised procedures reduced the cost-to-serve and provided speed, scale, and flexibility in expanding operations. The solution gave the organization adequate support to drive superior customer engagement, while ensuring cost efficiency. As a result of improved customer service delivered through this partnership, the client received the prestigious JD Power Award.
Wow Fact - Savings of ~ $1.75 million p.a. generated due to reduced cost-to-serve!

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