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“Our partnership with Firstsource is intended to ensure that we consistently create an environment that supports the patient and respects the commitment they have made from the moment they enquire about participation to the end of the trial. This partnership is very exciting and, we believe, has the potential to change the way clinical trials are portrayed in the UK and our other countries.”

Sarah Beeby

VP, Global Strategic Service Development, Synexus

Other sectors

Firstsource also works with clients across the travel, publishing, retail, utilities and automotive  sectors. Each industry comes with its own distinct challenges, whether it is the regulatory challenges of the utilities space, or the seasonal volume peaks of the travel sector.

We work with clients to address these challenges. Intelligent, collaborative thinking allows us to adapt our customer experience management processes to deliver transformational solutions that improve the customer lifecycle and back office capabilities – whatever the sector, whatever the business challenge.

Helping publishers improve performance

We help publishers manage Rights and Permissions using patented technology to handle digital rights for printed books, and mitigating legal risks. Our customers include leading trade, Education, Science, Technical & Medical (STM), academic, magazine, newspaper, legal, directory and database publishers.

Our publishing expertise spans pre-press, eBook conversion, creative and art design services, data conversion services, and new media, through to creative and interactive design.

Leading Indian Power Generation Company

Trouble Call Management practice brings AHT down from 170 to 100 seconds for Indian Power Generation Company

For one of India’s leading power generation companies, catering to nearly 3 million consumers, Firstsource handles Trouble Call Management (TCM). It is the process of managing the inbound surge of calls in the event of a power outage, and managing the outbound provision of that same information to field crews and customers. The contact centre needs to provide inbound support for service assurance and outbound support for awareness.
Firstsource built a set of FAQs and SOPs with response guidelines for its customer service agents. Specific training around sentiment management was given to handle panic calls made by customers in power outage situations or reporting accidents and damages caused by heavy rains or flood situations.

Firstsource has been successfully managing the inbound and outbound campaign for the client and currently handles more than 730,000 voice interactions per year. Best-in-class training methodologies, efficient multi-skilling of agents and a robust Trouble Call Management practice have brought down the Average Handling Time from 170 to 100 seconds. As a result the Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) scores have gone up significantly.

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