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“Firstsource has been integral to our success. Their experience of running online contact centres and their willingness to adopt a new and very different way of working for giffgaff meant that we had brilliant service wrap from day one. And their commitment to keep on innovating means we are well placed to continue to improve our member service experience going forward.”

Mike Fairman

CEO, giffgaff

Today’s customers demand new rules of engagement

At Firstsource, we are passionate about creating notable experiences and developing customer loyalty by taking pride in what we do, regardless of the choice of channel.

The rapid digitalisation of services and changes in consumer behaviour mean that getting it right in this new world requires a seamless approach to connect customer journeys across telephone, web, mobile and social.

Achieving competitive advantage through outstanding customer experience

With smart digital engagement backed by superior analytics and customer insights, we are not only equipped to meet the challenges that a multi-channel approach brings, but to help clients grow their business.

That doesn’t happen by accident. Improving Customer Experience (CX) is at the heart of everything we do.

In our ‘CX Lab’ we help our clients win and retain more customers. We find that having a one size fits all approach really doesn’t work as every business is unique and has its own vision and needs.

We develop bespoke strategies with our clients in the following areas:

• Customer journey mapping
• Channel mix strategies
• Revenue growth models
• Cost optimisation plans/methodologies
• Customer intelligence/analytics

Our commitment – delivering measurable results

Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a key measurement when gauging the temperature of your customer’s experience. We, however, believe that to really drive success for our clients there is more to consider than just this. What about customer churn, propensity to buy from you again and responsiveness?

We measure ourselves on our ability to:

• Win new customers
• Retain existing customers
• Improve productivity and efficiency
• Reduce cost to serve
• Deliver consistent customer experience across all channels – connecting people, processes and technology

Leading UK Mobile Network Operator
Leading UK Pay-TV provider

Real-time case monitoring boosts quality scores to over 95% for UK Mobile Network Operator

The UK based MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) giffgaff, uses online communities as a form of customer support. The organisation needed help to manage its online customer engagement and build customer loyalty. giffgaff partnered with Firstsource to improve service quality on online channels and reduce its cost-to-serve. Firstsource leveraged its skills and relevant experience, to effectively support giffgaff. Best practices in non-voice delivery were implemented to manage giffgaff's online customer channels.

A part of the Firstsource solution was to identify and prioritise the customer interactions that drive lifetime value. Real-time case monitoring and performance incentives helped in boosting quality scores to over 95%. First contact resolution (FCR) touched over ~80%, with a reduction in average handling time (AHT).

The solution helped giffgaff maintain an innovative online customer service model at low costs by encouraging member participation and rewarding contributions.

Customer analytics result in significant increase in Net Promoter Score for UK Pay-TV provider

For a leading Pay-TV provider in the UK, Firstsource deployed its customer interaction analytics product - First Customer Intelligence (FCI), to understand its customers' emotional journey and improve loyalty. FCI's combination of speech and text analytics helped the client improve TV service issue resolution process and reduce the cost-to-serve. FCI methodology, comprising of speech and text analytics, was used to analyse 80,000 webchat transcripts and 60,000 voice calls; a total of 140,000 customer interactions. By understanding the customer's emotional journey, FCI analysis generated actionable customer insights that helped drive relevant process changes directly linked to improved customer experience.

FCI helped improve customer loyalty through an enhanced service experience which resulted in an increased Net Promoter Score (NPS) from -6 to +8. It also led to an annual savings of £500,000 through contact avoidance and £120,000 by improving its efficiency. By identifying and eliminating the key areas of customer dissatisfaction, Firstsource was able to reduce repeat customer contacts, driving down the Cost-to-Serve.

Our tools

Robotic Process Automation

Increase productivity, accuracy and compliance to unlock business value

firstCustomer Intelligence

Customer insight through analytics to improve customer experience and increase revenues

Commercial Finance Outsourcing

Using robotic process automation to transform your back office operations


Implementing actionable insights to deliver business value


Improving customer experience and reducing cost-to-serve through webchat


Creating a single view of customer interactions across all channels
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