We change the game for our clients.

At Firstsource, we help transform and grow our clients' business by solving business challenges.

As trusted custodians and long-term partners to some of the world's leading brands, this means offering solutions that are 'game changing' to their businesses.

We challenge briefs and ask the questions others won’t, working on outcome-based principles to deliver game changing results for our clients and their customers.

Put simply, we solve business challenges and deliver on our promises.

The Firstsource difference

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Robotic process automation

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Make the most of your processes and people with Robotic Process Automation

Using technology to deliver automation will help you create more efficient, productive and customer friendly processes. It will allow your people to focus on higher value activity to drive customer experience rather than being bogged down by transaction processing.

Firstsource will create for you a customised roadmap for automation, delivered through our suite of market leading proprietary solutions. For example, firstSmartomation will transform the way agents engage with customers by providing a simple, user-friendly interface and intuitive processes. By automating behind the scenes, agents are able to concentrate on doing what they do best: delivering the best possible experience to your customers.


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Cut costs with our Integrated Customer Contact Management framework

Deploying a matrix of technology and analytics, Firstsource’s IC2M framework optimises operations, eliminates inefficiencies and deflects and automates contact to help you reduce the costs associated with running a contact centre.

Firstsource’s framework offers tangible and proven ways of cutting your contact centre costs with easy-to-execute tactics. By implementing intelligent action boards, live screen sharing and knowledge sharing tools, we can help you use data to streamline operations. We are also experts in effectively managing the deflection and elimination of contact where necessary, through automation processes, intelligent analytics and First Chat, our tailored web self-assistance service.

NPS predictor

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Make smarter predictions about your customers using the NPS Predictor Model

Our NPS Predictor Model uses advanced speech analytics to identify the customers that could be the biggest detractors to your business. By using these insights you can ensure that your people are targeting the right customers with the right messages, and increasing loyalty as a result.

Firstsource will create usable insights by analysing and sorting customer interactions to make smart predictions about who your customers are and the contact they will best respond to. Once identified, customers are put through a prioritisation process to help us work out how easily they might convert for your brand. Customers are then assigned to a case management team that will take responsibility for high quality, targeted engagements.

Revenue maximiser

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Boost customer growth and revenue opportunities with Revenue Maximiser

We can help you identify opportunities to increase revenues from your existing customer base. But this isn’t a classic telesales approach: our technology and analytics tools ensure we target the right customer with the right products, improving the customer experience as well as making a real difference to your bottom line.

Firstsource’s Revenue Maximiser pinpoints areas where you can increase revenues - through up-selling, cross-selling, proactively targeting customers likely to leave or managing collections. By being efficient, effective and targeted, we can deliver a positive customer experience and enhance your reputation during a normally time-consuming and costly process.


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Improve customer experience and power your growth with insight-driven solutions from Firstsource Analytics

Understanding why your customers behave as they do is crucial if brands are to tap into the opportunities to engage, acquire and retain customers. Firstsource’s Analytics helps you gain deeper customer insights to boost retention, improve associate performance and reduce cost-to-serve.

Successful behavioural analytics involves blending different types of data from across disparate sources – from a CRM system, website, telephone system, email system or social media. Using a multilayered approach allows us to identify avenues for addressing customer needs and agent productivity improvements – and our award-winning product, First Customer Intelligence, along with our team of experts can turn complex outputs into actionable insights for our clients.

Transformation for a leading UK Bank

Martin Cooper, Senior VP Operations at Firstsource, outlines a case study of our automation solutions in action

Revenue maximiser: 3 fundamental questions

Bhupendra Gupta, SVP Business Transformation at Firstsource, explains the three questions we set out to answer with our revenue maximiser to help you get the most out of your business.

IC2M: A modern approach to customer management

Bhupendra Gupta, SVP Business Transformation at Firstsource, explains how our IC2M framework helps you cut costs while improving customer experience.

Making the most of Robotic Process Automation

Bhupendra Gupta, SVP Business Transformation at Firstsource, describes how a business can maximise the benefits of automation by first taking a look at the bigger picture.

The importance of analytics

Rajesh Subramaniam, CEO and Managing Director at Firstsource, stresses that a business ignoring analytics cannot hope to stay ahead for long.

Our tools & propositions

Robotic Process Automation

Increase productivity, accuracy and compliance to unlock business value

firstCustomer Intelligence

Customer insight through analytics to improve customer experience and increase revenues

Commercial Finance Outsourcing

Using robotic process automation to transform your back office operations


Implementing actionable insights to deliver business value


Improving customer experience and reducing cost-to-serve through webchat


Creating a single view of customer interactions across all channels
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