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“Firstsource’s customer management expertise and process excellence skills have added significant value to our business, including reduced cost and improved customer satisfaction..."

Brian Allen

Former Head of Direct Banking, Ulster Bank

Reducing costs while improving customer experience

Reducing operational costs is strategic priority for most businesses and often the main reason for considering outsourcing.

Traditionally, outsourcing partners have focused on this driver alone, neglecting the need to provide ever-increasing levels of customer service to clients.

At Firstsource, we use a range of proprietary and distinctive solutions to digitize operations, reduce calls and design the right service strategy.

The result is a reduced cost to serve, but most importantly, an enhanced customer experience, which helps improve revenues.

As an example, we use our own analytics tool to look at speech and text analytics from customer contacts and then identify service improvements and process changes to deliver on average, a 10% reduction in contact volume.

Putting our people, knowledge and expertise into your business to deliver results

We always look at the best solution for each client’s own needs.  For example, our ‘Managed Services’ solution means we commit to delivering results against agreed KPIs, in your own environment, working closely with your in-house team.

Our solution is proven to deliver significant improvements in customer experience across the board – improving customer satisfaction and retention, while reducing costs.

What’s more, we embed our expertise in your business. By up-skilling your own people, we help you build in-house capabilities for the long term.

Leading Irish Banking Institution
Leading US telecom provider

Reducing Costs by 15-20% and Improving Customer Service Levels by 10-15% for Irish Bank

One of the largest PSU banks in Ireland with a captive centre was looking to improve agent productivity and overall Customer Satisfaction (CSAT). The client also wanted to explore alternative channels of customer service and reduce dependence on voice and email channels. The bank engaged with Firstsource to strategise and advise on key solutions like web chat, knowledge management, complaints management and repeat call reduction.
A team of experts were formed to spearhead the project and held detailed interactions with the respective stakeholders and functional heads to study the current processes, while identifying critical opportunities for improvement. The improvement ideas were prioritised and aligned with the client's business strategy.

The Firstsource team formulated a comprehensive set of recommendations to reduce costs by 15-20% and optimise agent productivity. Workforce optimisation opportunities were assessed to bring in 4-5% improvement in scheduling inefficiency. Real-time insights into Average Handling Time (AHT) and other key metrics were recommended to help improve service levels by at least 10-15%

$1.75 million p.a. savings generated due to reduced cost-to-serve for US Telecom Provider

A leading telecom operator in the US needed to off-shore its back-office functions to increase focus on its core operations. In addition, the organisation sought to improve its cost efficiency and leverage labor arbitrage through strategic business intervention. Firstsource leveraged its global expertise to manage back-office operations that allowed employees to focus on their core competencies.
Firstsource created standard operating procedures for over 400 work types across functions, such as email CS, executive resolution group, billing and credit issues. Firstsource also created business continuity strategy and built domain expertise in the back-office environment for the organisation.

Standardised procedures reduced the cost-to-serve and provided speed, scale, and flexibility in expanding operations. The solution gave the organization adequate support to drive superior customer engagement, while ensuring cost efficiency. As a result of improved customer service delivered through this partnership, the client received the prestigious JD Power Award.

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Robotic Process Automation

Increase productivity, accuracy and compliance to unlock business value

firstCustomer Intelligence

Customer insight through analytics to improve customer experience and increase revenues

Commercial Finance Outsourcing

Using robotic process automation to transform your back office operations


Implementing actionable insights to deliver business value


Improving customer experience and reducing cost-to-serve through webchat


Creating a single view of customer interactions across all channels
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