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Enhance Your Customer Management with Web Chat Support

  • May 18th, 2016
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  • Web Chat can Help Reinvent Your Customer Service Strategy

    As businesses look for new ways to reduce call volumes and encourage customers to self-serve without compromising on the customer experience, web chat offers an excellent mechanism for connecting customers to service experts. It is increasingly being used to assist self-service, interact with customers though their preferred channel and deliver high levels of customer satisfaction.

    Studies have substantiated the increased CSAT, ROI and overall customer experience accruing from online chat support. Companies are fast recognizing the merit in using web chat as a tool for deflection or channel optimization and increasing sales by upselling, cross selling and handholding customers when required. Web chat support lends credibility to your website and gives customers the assurance that service is a priority.

    A well-defined strategy is fundamental to the successful implementation of web chat support. It is critical to assess how web chat would fit into the overall business strategy and accordingly partner with a service provider.

    Some compelling reasons why web chat is becoming integral to the online customer service strategy are:

    This comprehensive whitepaper by Firstsource gives meaningful insight into benefits of web chat, implementation best practices and discusses crucial case studies. It highlights how web chat is changing the rules of customer engagement and enabling enterprises to serve customers better by adding a human touch to the web experience.

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